Sell More Online With Facebook Marketplace for Business

Would you like to diversify your online sales tactic to sell more products? If so, then the Facebook marketplace can provide you access to 800+ million buyers around the globe. Indeed, leveraging the Facebook marketplace for business and top-leading social media agency can help you get your products/services in front of potential buyers and as a result, drive revenue.  

Used in 70 countries by 800+ million people monthly, Facebook Marketplace enables people to buy and sell a wide array of items such as clothes, furniture, cars and a lot more. 

While Facebook Marketplace is popular among individual sellers, Facebook begins rolling out Marketplace for Business. Indeed, Facebook Marketplace for business offers a great opportunity to businesses who would like to boost the sales of their products online. 

If you like to know more about the Facebook marketplace for business and how it could benefit your business, then you’re in the right place. 

First Thing’s First 

What is Facebook Marketplace for Business? 

In 2016, Facebook revealed Marketplace – known as the social giant’s network for buying and selling things locally. Traditionally, it has been leveraged by individual sellers. However, Facebook lately launched Marketplace for Business in order to facilitate businesses to sell more online.

You can access this new feature in the Facebook app/on desktop –

  • On mobile, tap the white storefront icon at the top of the Facebook app on Android and the bottom of the Facebook app on the iPhone.
  • On a desktop (via web browser), tap the red & white storefront icon in the left margin. 

In Facebook Marketplace, listings are categorized by categories such as Vehicles, Housing, Entertainment, and Hobbies. As a shopper, one can filter searches by location and price and even save them for future reference. 

With Facebook Marketplace for Business, there is so much you can do –

  • Display inventory for home rentals, retail items, vehicles, and tickets as well. 
  • Advertise your items or store on Marketplace – you can do this kind of social media advertising even if you don’t post on Marketplace directly. 
  • Display refurbished or new things from your Marketplace or Facebook Page shop for free. 
  • Enable customers to buy without leaving Facebook.

Considering everything discussed above, it is fair to say that if you want to boost exposure and sell more online, Facebook Marketplace for Business is a way to go. 

Five benefits of using Facebook Marketplace for Business

If you own a small-sized or mid-sized business and wondering how Facebook Marketplace for Business can benefit you, then give a look at the following benefits. 

  1. Start Listing Products For Free 

Facebook Marketplace for Business is quite different from other platforms out there. With Facebook Marketplace for Business, you are allowed to create and manage your listings for free. So, there will be no extra charges and costs, which is a great advantage. In addition, creating listings is easy and straightforward. 

In other words, the Marketplace for Business gives you a free and fast selling feature. As a result, you can boost revenue on an immediate basis. Needless to say, you’ll have an additional budget in order to diversify your reach or boost exposure with paid advertisements. 

  • Increase Brand Awareness 

As mentioned before, Facebook Marketplace is used by 800+ million people across the world on a monthly basis. Thus, Marketplace for business will certainly help diversify your online audience on an immediate basis.

Even businesses that don’t directly post on Marketplace can advertise their products/services or do social media advertising on Marketplace in order to reach more and more shoppers. 

Take advantage of Facebook’s Ad Manager Tool and create targeted ads that shoppers see while shopping on Marketplace. Indeed, combining your Marketplace for Business listings with paid advertisements will turbocharge your reach and help more shoppers find and know about your products/services online. 

  • Boost Product Sales 

Facebook Marketplace for Business lets you list things from your Facebook Page shop without charging a single buck. This enables customers to directly buy on Facebook or without leaving their enjoyable social media platform. Indeed, selling on Facebook Marketplace for Business lets you streamline your conversion procedure and thus, you can acquire more sales and ultimately, revenue. 

Businesses who like to sell more and more online must link their Facebook Page shop with Facebook Marketplace for Business to increase product sales. 

  • Interact Directly With Customers Via Messenger 

Selling on Marketplace for Business enables you to respond to questions directly from interested buyers or shoppers on Facebook Messenger. Communicating in real-time with leads enables you to respond to queries and provide the info they need to buy products before they start to lose interest. 

In fact, you can even show off your “customer service chops” in order to make buyers feel more secure and confident in their buying decisions.

  • Outsell Competitors Online

Facebook Marketplace for Business – new feature, we all know that. Thus, if you sell on the platform, then you will get an untimely mover advantage. 

If consider Marketplace for Business, then it lets you expand your selling networks so as to stand out the best online and beat competitors. In short, you have a wonderful opportunity to reach your potential customers on social media because around 2.2 billion people are on Facebook on a regular basis. Thus, you’ll be able to reach more and more customers than your competitors who don’t use the platform to sell their products/services. 

The Final Verdict:

Now, we can all agree that Facebook Marketplace for Business has several advantages in many aspects, especially for small businesses. 

Indeed, Facebook Marketplace is easy, quick and cost-effective with audience targeting. You can easily find a new audience, test out your new products and nurture relationships with your potential buyers without spending a hell lot of money or time on your end. Surely, it can help you open up opportunities for your business that directly directs buyers to your doorstep.

On top of all, collaborating with a leading social media agency and Facebook Marketplace expert can certainly make all this possible. 

Partner With A-Designo to Begin Selling Better on Facebook Marketplace

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Working with us helps you to come up with a unique strategy that perfectly suits your business. On top of all, collaborating with us can help you in taking care of your business’s other operations while we work dedicatedly to get more profit for your business. 

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