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Responsive Website Design and Development for used car dealership KAP Auto Sales

If you are searching for pre-owned cars, SUVs or trucks, KAP Auto Sales is one of the foremost names in the business for several years now and for good reason too. Collaborating with this company assures you of uncompromised assistance with all kinds of cars and trucks. This includes bucket trucks, RVs, box trucks as well as dump trucks. Check out the manner in which we work with projects as is true with KAP Auto Sales and how we cater to your requirements so that your digital strategy touches new heights.

Unique Logo and Business card design

We helped with KAP Auto Sales’ branding needs by coming up with a unique logo and business card design that appeals to potential customers and clients. Our team put into perspective a fresh new approach and outlook so that customers can identify the brand and make it the first choice for their vehicle shopping needs.

Logo design for used car dealership
Business Card Design for used cars dealership

Strategy, domain name research

After conducting research, we found that the KAP Auto Sales’ brand looked and felt outdated. We helped come up with a strategy and conducted domain name research so that the brand obtains a modern, minimalistic yet eye-catching look and feel. The idea was to cultivate a domain name that speaks to customers and attracts their attention.

Responsive web design

The more technical part of this project involved coming up with a better responsive web design to attract customers who look for vehicle dealers on the go. After consulting with the target audience, we paid attention to detail and really understood the problem. The result was a fancy platform that was also equal parts intuitive, the ideal ingredients needed for receptive web design that displays without flaws on desktop and smartphone. This helped to increase the reach of KAP Auto Sales and boosted online sales.

Google AdWords (pay-per-click) advertising strategy

To help KAP Auto Sales get targeted customers, we researched relevant keywords and set up Google AdWords campaigns. As a result, the website saw an increase in traffic and more page views. Our A/B testing with Google AdWords allowed us to identify the ads and hence, the keywords that ensured more clicks by laser targeted visitors and this, in turn, increased conversions.

The results

The branding and digital advertising have helped KAP Auto Sales boost online inquiries and sales. It has created more online brand awareness and ensured that website visitors get detailed information about relevant vehicles through the user-friendly and attractive website design.



KAP Auto Sales


October 26, 2019


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