Law Office of Robert Katz

Law Office of Robert Katz

Mr. Katz has successfully represented criminal defendants in felony, misdemeanor and summary cases, including DUI, Drug Offenses and Assault and Theft matters.

If you are accused of committing a crime, you will need the very best criminal defense attorneys in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. He is especially skilled in the following practice areas: Property Negligence, Insurance Coverage Disputes, Fire Claims, Home Owner’s Claims, Auto and Motor Vehicle Accidents, Bus and Trolley Accidents, Cab & Ride Share Accidents, Full Tort, Limited Tort, No Insurance Accidence, Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall, DUI – Alcohol and Drugs, Medical Negligence, Employment Disputes, Business Transations, Formations and Incorporations, Business Litigation, Real Estate Defects, Contractor / Property Owner Disputes, Construction and Roofing Litigation, Real Estate Transactions, Landlord & Tenant Disputes, Criminal Law, Pharmaceutical Negligence, Product Defects.



Robert Katz Attorney


July 15, 2019


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